Revision (#2) to the CREIA Residential Standards of Practice Jan/2018

CREIA SOP Revision 

(Jan 16, 2018)

Please note that due to the passing of SB 442, the Pool Safety Act, the CREIA Standards of Practice have been revised. The applicable section is indicated below. Please note this a revision to what was previously published by CREIA 1.8.18;  the language in Section 1. B. item 4 was revised.

The CREIA Residential Contract and the Pool/Spa Addendum will be updated and posted in the CREIA Member Center shortly.

Revised section:

2. Exterior

A. Items to be inspected:

1. Surface grade directly adjacent to the buildings
2. Doors and windows
3. Attached decks, porches, patios, balconies, stairways, and their enclosures, handrails and guardrails.
4. Wall cladding and trim
5. Portions of walkways and driveways that are adjacent to the buildings
6. Pool or spa drowning prevention features, for the sole purpose of identifying which, if any, are present.

B. The inspector is not required to:

1. Inspect door or window screens, shutters, awnings, or security bars
2. Inspect fences or gates or operate automated door or gate openers or their safety devices
3. Use a ladder to inspect systems or components
4. Determine if any manufacturers’ design standards or testing is met or if any drowning prevention safety feature of a pool or spa is installed properly or is adequate or effective. Test or operate any drowning prevention safety feature.

If you have any questions about the revised, please forward the to or join the discussion regarding SB 442 in the Technical Infomation Exchange (TIE) by clicking here.


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